Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Sponsorship Landmark

The sponsorship of last weekend's Castle to Keep Challenge by Rosewill Cottage saw the overall charity fund pass the £19,000 mark. In addition to that there were a few more donations during the course of the run and, at the time of writing, the current total is £19,240.34.

The pleasing thing from my point of view, though, is that there is only £1,240 to be collected after the run. i.e. traditional sponsorship payable upon successful completion of running 3100 miles across the USA. £1,423.68 is owed now and I'm chasing the small number of individuals for that.

That means that £16,576.66 has been sent to the 2 charities already. At the end of the year I'll publish a full breakdown of the overall total. It's something I do with both charities on a regular basis and always makes for interesting reading.

The total amount is made up of all kinds of donations. I, and I'm sure the 2 charities too, sincerely appreciate the small pledges just as much as the large ones. Thanks again to everyone who has made a donation at www.justgiving.com/rungeordierun1 or www.justgiving.com/rungeordierun2.