Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Team Run Geordie Run do well at the Great North Run

Run Geordie Run took on a whole new form at the 30th Great North Run last Sunday. For once, it wasn't just me running under the brand. For starters, there were at least 15 folk that I know of wearing Run Geordie Run t-shirts along the route. Hopefully, this has helped to spread the word about the run across the USA even further.

On top of that, there were 4 runners, taking part and raising funds for St Benedict's Hospice and The Children's Foundation. Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce TEAM RUN GEORDIE RUN. 

The team comprised George Caulkin (highly respected sports journalist for The Times), John Loughlin (an old university mate of mine), Mick Butler (a fellow attendee of David Fairlamb's Beach Bootcamp) and myself, of course. Although, I didn't expect to be part of the team until I decided to take part in the Great North Run 2 weeks ago.

It looks like we have raised around about £1,600 for the 2 charities made up of £1000 from George, £122 from John, £400 from Mick and £80 from me.

I've got to take this opportunity to thank George, John and Mick for completing the 30th Bupa Great North Run in aid of the 2 charities. Your support is very much appreciated lads. Not only by the charities, but by me also. 

The next Team Run Geordie Run event is a self supported 105 mile run in 3 days from Edinburgh Castle to Newcastle Keep. This starts on Friday 19th November with Ian Young, Carlton Fletcher and myself making the long, cold, dark and dangerous journey from Scotland, over the Borders into Northumberland and on to Newcastle. We hope to be joined by Ivan Hollingsworth for the final 2 days.  It's going to be a very tough event, but one which I personally need to complete in order to further boost my confidence for USA 2011.  8 weeks to go until TEAM RUN GEORDIE RUN run again!