Saturday, 4 September 2010

Another milestone!

"Another milestone" is getting to be an oh so familiar headline these days and a one that I take great pleasure in writing. Once again, another £1000 milestone has been passed. This time it is the £16,000 milestone.

Along with some Run Geordie Run t-shirt sales, it was a very generous £1000 donation (£500 to each charity) from The Northern Rock Foundation that got the charity fund up to an amazing £16,309.

I update the 2 charities every week with all donations made and every time a £1000 milestone is passed I entitle the email "Special Update". There have been 3 such emails in the last 3 weeks!

The amount of money pledged to the 2 charities, together with my return to running, has seen my confidence and morale soar massively. Long may that continue!

Thanks to everyone who has sponsored me, bought a t-shirt or CD and also to The Northern Rock Foundation for their very generous donation.