Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Video shoot!

I was asked to take part in a shoot for a video today promoting the good work that The Children's Foundation does in our region. There were a few shots of me running along various stretches of Newcastle Race Course and a short interview afterwards. The video will be used in an up and coming event and will hopefully persuade the good folk to put their hands in their pockets for this very worthwhile cause.

I was very pleased with how well I acquitted myself in the interview. It helps if you feel very passionately about the subject matter of course! After the interview, I was told "You can tell you've talked to the media before.". Not just the media! In fact, I make sure that everyone I come into contact with these days knows the full story about the next big run and the 2 charities I'm raising funds for.

The crew were off to film other aspects of the video after my stint and I'm looking forward to seeing the final cut. Being a part of something such as this and being able to help out in some small way is really thrilling indeed.