Sunday, 27 July 2008


Well I've failed to save this week's training schedule.  But I've got a good excuse.  I've got my first cold (aka Man Flu) in over 2 years!  

The symptoms are a high temperature, a banging headache and generally feeling sorry for myself.  I thought something was on the cards like this when I couldn't get out of bed to train earlier in the week.  It's just not like me to back out of any training.

I doubt I'll be cycling in to work tomorrow morning as planned, but you never know. 

Anyway, enough of feeling like I've got the plague!  There have been 2 bits of good news this week.  Firstly, the GEORDIE RUNNING ACROSS THE USA group on Facebook, now has 215 members!  Thanks to everyone who has joined and has told their friends about it.  At this stage it's good to know there are so many people interested in the next big run.  That number, together with the steady stream of website hits, may be enough to attract corporate sponsors in the future.  You never know!

I'll reveal the second bit of good news on Wednesday!  It's a cracker so be sure to check back then.  Hopefully, I'll have gotten rid of this black death like man flu by then.