Monday, 20 April 2020

The funds keep coming for The Stay At Home Ultra duathlon.

Any feelings of exhaustion that I should have right now are being pegged back by huge feelings of relief and gratitude. I’m relieved that this terribly difficult 9 day event is over. What on earth was I thinking? Why did I have to do run, bike, run? Why not just run then bike? Why did I think it was a good idea to do this as well as my day job? Why did I think I’d be able to cycle a personal best of 60 miles in a day, then beat that over the following days with 70, 100 and 120 miles. Why did I not realise the pain my backside would be in? Don’t even mention the chafing! Thank goodness for paracetamol and bloody mindedness. Swollen feet, sore back and legs. Dehydrated. Life on hold. 

Regrets? Absolutely not. 

All of this pales into insignificance when I remind myself about all of the sacrifice and hardship being seen by the key workers in the country. Particularly those in the NHS and social care. Then I remind myself about the supermarket workers, the refuse collectors, the NHS volunteers, those in the food supply chain, infrastructure, utilities, armed forces, government etc etc. It is having this sense of perspective that got me through this challenge. It’s the same thing that got me 3100 miles across the USA, 2834 miles across Australia, 2633 miles across Europe and all of the other runs around the world so far. 

A little bit of “temporary effort” is the least I can do for the real heroes at St. Benedict's Hospice and also the patients, like my Mam was once, that they care for. 

I’ll rehydrate today, my feet will be back to normal later this week. I’m not sure when my backside will recover mind! The amazing care given at St. Benedict’s Hospice will continue for those terminally ill people who so desperately need it. Every minute of every day of every month of every year care is given by the brilliant staff at the Hospice. 

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far for this challenge. At the time of writing, £1913 has been donated to St. Benedict's Hospice. 

If you’d like to help smash the £2000 barrier for the Hospice then please visit

Any amount would be hugely appreciated and put to amazing use by St. Benedict’s Hospice. Thanks, stay safe and at home.