Thursday, 5 December 2013

Day 50

There was a huge downpour overnight and early into day 50.  Unfortunately it was forecast for more.  The positive of rain means no flies for Mark.  He tweeted "The heat of the last week has now been turned down a few notches. This is a day to strike back." Just as he sent that the rumble of thunder started once again.

The start point of day 50 - near Spalding

Mark was out on the road for 06:15 and the plan was to get in as many miles as possible before taking a break.  This would be key to ensuring that the mileage deficit did not increase.

Over the course of the last 4 nights Mark has soaked his feet in the new substance.  Having assessed them again last night there is a noticeable improvement which is great news.  

As Mark set off on his way he quickly passed the 1600 miles point.  Here he was greeted by kangaroo but it was just too fast for Mark to catch a picture of it. Later on that morning, along the Burra Road and just as Mark approached the RV for a water exchange, a man in a car slowed down to check that all was OK.  Mark quickly explained what he was doing, shared a leaflet and the man was quick to donate a few dollars Mark's way.  We later found out the man's name, Jason, as he very kindly left a supportive message on Facebook.

After 13.1 miles Mark stopped to fuel up on porridge.  The plan was then to continue for another 13 miles before seeing the RV again.  I used this opportunity to visit the local town of Burra to make a waste dump (joy!) and to also have a trip bakers which had been recommended to Mark.

The route to Burra was quite hilly in places and Mark was faced with one that was at least 3-4 miles long and 1800ft at the summit.  The highest point so far in Australia.  

"After 3 days of hills, I see vast plains on the horizon. Australia is truly beautiful."

"Distracted by the plains ahead, I missed these storm clouds gathering to my right."

"Ah man. It's raining. 35 miles done. Looking good for 41 or being struck by lightening. Whichever comes first." 

"Rain passed. More on the way. 4 miles left to run today for 41 miles."

The storm had left Mark soaked to the bone and very cold.  He made a quick pit stop to refuel for energy and attempted to set off for the final session of the day.  Unfortunately this was not to be.  

"The storm has stopped play on 38.7 miles. I'm freezing. I'm calling it a day. 1638 miles done in total."

"Tomorrow will start at 7 Celsius. A week ago I was running in 46 Celsius. Crazy extremes."

"This reminds me of being in the caravan at Seahouses in October when I was a lad. Just need fish and chips for supper."

"Lights out time. Too cold to shower, eat or soak feet. Brrrrr. 830 miles to #Bondi."

"The RV is getting battered in this storm. If it's still in 1 piece in the morning it'll be a bonus. It's like being at sea."

"The storm is picking up speed outside by the sounds of it. I'll resume the run across Australia when it's safe enough out there."

#rgrart - this entry was sent to Mark by Jon Kirby, the programme controller for Real Radio.  Jon's niece Jessica Kirby, aged 8, has painted this fantastic picture of Mark in Australia which was named 'The Hazzards of Oz'.  Well done Jessica!