Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Where has the t-shirt been this week?

nufc.com reader David Cardwell recently bought 5 Run Geordie Run t-shirts for use during an up and coming expedition to Everest in November. Here he is pictured wearing one of them while altitude training on some of Colorado's 14,000 ft mountains. First up is Mount Grays at 14,270 ft!

The next stunning picture is of Mount Torrey at 14,267ft. David said "You will be running by these Mark and they can be seen from I-70". I don't have the same head for heights as David and thankfully my summit in Colorado is Berthoud Pass at 11,300ft.

Once David and the 4 other team members have finished with the t-shirts on Everest, the plan is to give them to the Sherpas. Amazing or what! Watch this space over the coming months for more photos from David and the team. In the meantime, thanks to David and his obviously very fit dog, for taking time out to take such stunning pictures with the Run Geordie Run t-shirt.

There are only 40 or so t-shirts left. So if you're thinking about buying one then I'd move fast. Run Geordie Run t-shirts are screen printed both front and back for durability and thanks to nufc.com for paying for the latest batch (Peter McCowie paid for previous batches) the full £10 goes to charity. Run Geordie Run t-shirts can be ordered here.