Monday, 27 September 2010

No more physio

I had a physio appointment last Friday with Kevin Bell at The Osborne Clinic. I'd almost followed his instruction to the letter for 8 weeks. I say almost as The Great North Run wasn't part of his rehabilitation plans! Swimming, mini-trampoline, cycling in the gym, various stretches and some light running have been his plan though.

I didn't have to break news of the Great North Run to Kevin as, thanks to an article on, he already knew about it! He greeted me in the waiting room with "Come through Mark......and bring your medal!". Doh!

At the end of this particular session we agreed that there was no more physio required and that it was now up to me to increase the mileage slowly but surely. Kevin has to take a lot of credit for getting me back to running so soon. His guidance and advice have been first class and without him I really wouldn't have been back running so soon.

If you're in need of the services of a physio then I would recommend Kevin Bell at The Osborne Clinic. Thanks for your help Kevin.