Monday, 14 September 2009

Ahhhhhh!!!!! That's better!

After 400 miles or so I finally managed to get some much needed maintenance with a deep tissue massage in the region of my hamstrings and calf muscles. Within minutes of completion, I was able to walk pain free once more. By the evening time, I was itching to go for a run but I'm going to save myself until Sunday. I'm still planning on getting some Spinning classes done this week and a gym session with Mark Fleming. All in all, it's a nice easy week 46.

I've started giving some serious thought as to what my expectations are for this Sunday. i.e. The 10 hour run. I think I'll be happy with 35 miles (The longest distance I've ever ran in the past). That should be quite manageable in that time and it will give me something to beat in 6 weeks time when I next attempt this duration.

Tomorrow, I'm taking part in a video shoot for a promotional piece for The Children's Foundation. I haven't seen the script yet but I think I'm playing the part of "Fat Geordie Runner 1"! I'll let you know how my "Hollywood debut" goes, but, in the meantime I feel very lucky to have been asked to participate in such an event.