Tuesday, 24 September 2019

#runsub17 - Week 6

Week six of the #runsub17 project was pretty quiet. I weighed in at the start of the week at 119.2 kg which meant that I'd lost half a stone (3.5 kg) during the first 5 weeks of training. There's clearly still plenty of weight to lose but it's a decent start.

The first run of week six was a five mile effort after work in 01:02:17. I wrote the following on the Run Geordie Run Facebook page "Quickest 5 miles this year for me. Still very slow but definitely heading in the right direction. Over 2 minutes quicker than last week and nearly 5 minutes quicker than 3 weeks ago. 

While I’m not putting any emphasis on speed right now, this is an indicator of progress. In other news, my watch is telling me that my fitness age is 59. That’s 4 years younger than 2 weeks ago. I should be like Benjamin Button by the end of the #runsub17 project! 

A huge thank you to the man on the outskirts of Dudley who shouted a hearty “Run Geordie Run”. It made a huge difference.".

I followed Tuesday's run with a short 2 mile run in to work the next day, having got the bus most of the way. Later in the day, I did the usual 5 mile route which I didn't feel like doing at all at the time. However, this extract from the Run Geordie Run Facebook page tells you just how worthwhile a run it was "I don’t recall enjoying a run as much as this in recent years. I also haven’t worked this hard on a run for a very long time. 

Heart rate was over 90% of max for the remaining 16 minutes of this 5 mile route. It took me 00:59:00 to complete the run which is nearly 4 minutes quicker than last night. I thought I did well last night! 

It’s brilliant to dip under the hour at this distance. There was plenty of shouting and fist pumping when I reached the end. I checked that there was no one around first of course!! I didn’t set out to run “quickly” tonight. It’s not part of my strategy at all at present. 

Once I got my mind in the right place at the end of the 2nd mile then things got a bit out of hand and I just went for it. As I’ve said many a time wonderful things can happen in running when the mind and body work in perfect harmony. 

Tonight was reminiscent of those quick finishes during the run across the USA between miles 35 - 40 ish. I’ll need a repeat of tonight’s effort and attitude and then some when I eventually have an attempt at beating my 3 mile PB of 00:17:00 next August. 

For now, tonight’s run has given me a huge boost in confidence. Normal slow service will be resumed for the rest of the week."

Relive '#runsub17 - Week 6 - Run 3'

The graph at the top is my heart rate effort from Tuesday night. You can see how much harder I worked on Wednesday by looking at the graph at the bottom.

That's all the running that I managed during week six.  More of the same effort is required in week seven. A couple of more runs are needed to keep the momentum building.