Sunday, 8 September 2019

#runsub17 - Week 4

The following is from day 29 of stage one of the Run Around The World from John O'Groats to Lands End in 2007 "At the 9 mile point and just as the boredom was at it's worst again I felt a tap on my left shoulder. It was none other than my regular training partner John Brettell (pictured). I nearly jumped out of my skin because during all of the 660 miles done so far I'd not once been tapped on the shoulder! John and his wife Annie had been down to Plymouth the previous day to watch their son at his passing out parade. So while they were in the vicinity John decided to join me for a few miles".

Fast forward 12 years, 1 month and 3 days to the Whitley Bay Park Run on Saturday and imagine my surprise when I received a tap on my right shoulder. It was none other than John Brettell. I haven't seen John (of North Shields Poly) for many a year and it was brilliant to run the first mile with him before he took off to get a respectable time. John was recovering from last week's Northumberland Coastal Marathon and looked as fresh as a daisy. Thanks to John (pictured in blue below) for helping me get my quickest mile so far in 2019 (00:10:55). 

The second and third miles in 00:11:02 and 00:11:41 together with a final tenth of a mile in 00:00:59 gave me a total time of 00:34:37. That's a huge improvement on last week's time at the South Shields Park Run. Surely, I'll be on for a sub 30 minute time next week. That's how it works isn't it?

I can't finish the Park Run banter without mentioning Chris Checkley (pictured below) and his family who I spoke to before the race started. As is the case with John, I've ran many a mile with Chris over the years. I even remember when he was slow! Not now though as his running over the years has gone from strength to strength representing Heaton Harriers. 

Chris was part of Team Run Geordie Run last year and has always taken time out to be part of the welcoming committee at Newcastle Airport whenever I've returned from a stage of the run around the world. 

I've no doubt that Chris' words of encouragement at the start of the run helped put a spring in my step. I also think that seeing Chris' Dad, who is still running very well at the age of 82 years young, serves as inspiration to many people.

Relive 'Whitley Bay Park Run'

The last 7 days have seen me run 3 times totalling 8 miles. It's not a vast amount but I've come through it uninjured and my desire to do well is very much there. I'm confident that over the next 4 weeks I can continue to build on that in terms of frequency, distance and intensity. I'll also be adding a few weight lifting sessions in the gym which will complement what I'm doing out on the road.

I can't finish this week's blog without a well deserved mention for Team Run Geordie Run's participation in the Great North Run today. This is the 10th time that there has been a team presence at the Great North Run. Before today's outing, £58,294.22 has been raised for local good causes (£14,061.62 for St Benedict's Hospice and £44,232.60).

I'm very proud and pleased to report that the team of David, Steve, Jeff, Sarah, James and Craig have so far raised £1762.58 this year. This means that in its 10 years of existence Team Run Geordie Run have raised over £60,000 for local good causes. That's an absolutely tremendous amount and all those who have been involved since 2010 should be as proud as I am.

That's all for this week. I'm looking forward to getting stuck in to week five of the #runsub17 project. Check back next week for hopefully more good news.