Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Debrief with Helen

The debrief of stage five of the run Around The World continued this week.

My good friend Helen has provided psychological telephone support for the last two stages in Australia and Europe and was called upon again this year. She has proved to be worth her weight in gold and has an amazing ability to talk me out of some dark times. 

Helen always helps to make me see difficult situations in a certain completely different light. She’s very much like my wife, Donna, in that respect but on a very qualified and professional level. 

Donna, Helen and I talked for 4 hours about what went well on stage five, what can be improved on, the grieving process, relationships with the various stakeholders (sponsors, the public, the charity etc), St. Benedict’s Hospice, plans for the future and Run Geordie Run as a fundraising project in general. It was a very thorough and thought provoking 4 hours. 

The discussion that we had is going to take a few days or even weeks to digest and fully contemplate. As a lay person, I found it fascinating to get a professional view of many aspects of my running and fundraising. 

Thanks to Helen for always being there for me and Donna. She’s an absolute one off. A real character.