Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Debrief with SOS Group

It was great to spend time with Andrew and John from my sponsor SOS Group Ltd this week. In keeping with other recent mammoth brainstorming sessions it took us a good 3 hours to talk about the stage five campaign and assess whether or not it had been a success for both parties. The answer to that was a unanimous yes. 

Of course, the current campaign is not over yet with Team Run Geordie Run’s participation at The Great North Run and also the Around The World Ball still to come. Both of these events are heavily supported by SOS Group by the way.

As well as support to the charities I raise funds for, SOS Group support a whole range of other local causes. It's no exaggeration to say that they have been responsible for adding tens of thousands of pounds to the total amount that I’ve been able to raise for The Children’s Foundation, Useful Vision and the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation in previous years. In 2018, they have helped to raise further funds for St. Benedict's Hospice. 

Ultimately, without the support of SOS Group the run Around The World would have ended in 2016. Thankfully they, along with my other sponsors have helped to keep the journey alive as well as raising a huge sum for local good causes. 

We saved a bit of time, at the end of our meeting, to discuss our future plans and the Run Geordie Run / SOS Group partnership. I've got to say that I’m very excited about that. With an unprecedented amount of effort, good luck and a willingness to learn from past experiences the future is looking bright.