Wednesday 30 May 2018

Thank you SOS Group

There are now only five days to go until the start pop stage five of the run around the world! The to do list is getting smaller and I've heard that Chappie has cleared customs in Serbia. On that subject, thank you to the British Embassy in Belgrade and also my friends at Virgin Money for helping with the final bit of red tape needed to get Chappie into Serbia. It's another brilliant example of a sponsor of mine being #morethanasponsor. That's a hash tag that I've felt inclined to use quite a bit recently.

Another major thing that was ticked off the to do list was finalising my insurance. This task has taken a lot longer to complete but it was hugely important that I obtained an adequate level of cover for the task ahead. It was the most expensive insurance policy that I've ever signed up to but it should give everyone peace of mind. Just like the previous three such policies for the run around the world let's hope that it isn't needed.

Back to the subject of sponsors, and I paid a visit to my main sponsor SOS Group today. To say that SOS have been very supportive of my running is an absolute understatement. It was brilliant to be able to thank them for their support in person before I leave for Belgrade on Friday.

As well as some final thank yous, I was presented with my new kit from director Andrew Skelton (pictured below).  It was good to see that he was wearing the now sold out special edition Run Geordie Run t-shirt for the proceedings.

For reasons of practicality and comfort I've decided to run in a cycling top this time. My new kit comes in various sizes to ensure that it's a decent fit all throughout the run. I'll be losing a huge amount of weight yet again. My estimate is six stone and approximately 20% of body fat. I'll be getting weighed tomorrow morning at Primal Fitness to give me an idea of what the start weight is.  

Thanks to Andrew for taking time out to hand the kit over. He appears to be a very busy man at the minute but, despite that, has been able to help me get Chappie for various visits here and there this last month with the help of one of his SOS vans. That's on top of all of the other charitable causes and sporting events that the company are involved with. 

Thanks SOS for your brilliant support. 

If you'd like to take a 3D tour of my new kit then please click the images below.