Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Chappie is on his way...hopefully

Chappie left the North East of England last Wednesday on the long journey to the drop off point at the British Embassy in Belgrade. The estimated time of arrival in Serbia is this Friday, just after I land in the country.

I received a telephone call this morning to say that there was an issue at the border crossing into Serbia from Croatia. The particular problem is that the packing list that accompanies Chappie says that he is a "three wheeled sled". This conflicts with what customs officers were seeing. Specifically, they thought they were seeing a "bicycle".

If you consider the image below, taken last week, I suppose if you didn't know what the run around the world was all about then, yes, you may mistake Chappie for a bicycle. 

I haven't had an update on Chappie's whereabouts since the customs issue this morning. Hopefully, he'll arrive safe and sound in Belgrade tomorrow. Watch this space for more news as and when I get it.