Monday, 19 February 2018

The Road to Astana - Significant dates.

These are the significant dates, plus some other figures, for stage 5 of the run around the world (The Road to Astana).

Monday June 4th (Day 1) - Start from Pobednik (The Victor statue) in Belgrade, Serbia.

Wednesday June 6th (Day 3) - Enter Romania.

Thursday June 14th (Day 11) - Enter Ukraine.

Sunday July 8th (Day 35 ) - Enter Russia.

Friday July 13th (Day 40) - Birthday in Russia.

Monday July 23rd (Day 50) - Halfway point in Russia, 1420 miles.

Friday August 24th (Day 82) - Enter Kazakhstan.

Tuesday September 11th (Day 100) - Finish at the Bayertek Tower in Astana, Kazakhstan, 2840 miles.

I have 8 scheduled rest days during the 100 day run. I will be spending the following number of days in each country:

Serbia - 2 days
Romania - 8 days
Ukraine - 24 days
Russia - 47 days
Kazakhstan - 19 days.

Based on the previous four world stages I expect to burn approximately 630,000 calories during the 100 day campaign. I expect to lose approximately 6 stone in weight and 20% body fat. The picture below left was taken on day 3 of the run across the USA and the one on the right 97 days later.

I will wear out nine pairs of Brooks Glycerin shoes running 2840 miles in 100 days. I'm uncertain as  to how many tyres Chappie will get through.

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