Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Thank you NUFC.COM

There are only 96 days to go before the start of stage five of the Run Around The World. There isn't a day goes by where I'm not checking the 2,900 mile route from Belgrade through Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan to Astana. That is on top of a whole load of other tasks to be crammed in before Chappie* and I depart on June 4th 2018.   

I must say a huge thank you to for continued support on their tremendous website. On and off, I've had a presence on the site for around about 17 years now where they have featured many of my running exploits. 

It's difficult to quantify, but many many thousands of pounds have been donated to the charities I raise funds for as a result of the support given by So far, almost £295,000 has been raised for local charities. It's with a huge amount of gratitude that I attribute a great deal of that amount to the visitors to 

There's hardly a week goes by where somebody says to me something like "I've followed you on since the run across the USA" or "We heard about your from". 

As well as the incredible support from and the many fellow Newcastle United supporters, a lot of my commercial sponsors originated via publicity on the site. Chapman Ventilation is one such example. The company is based down south but, because of their Dad's back and white allegiance, they are Newcastle supporters. 

Chapman Ventilation paid the full production costs of Chappie *(or the Chapman Ventilation Around The World Buggy to give it its full title). That's me pictured below with Chappie in the middle of a snow and thunder storm.

Thanks again to for their incredible support. With so many people doing some brilliant fundraising I'm incredibly grateful to them for all that they have done and continue to do for Run Geordie Run and my quest to raise funds for St Benedict's Hospice. 

If you would like to sponsor my 2,900 mile run starting June 4th and finishing 100 days later on September 11th then please visit