Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Thank you to The Big Optician

Thank you to The Big Optician in Ouseburn in the east end of Newcastle for providing a very nice pair of custom Oakley Jawbone sunglasses for use in Australia. I visited the shop for an eye test recently and not only were my eyes given a clean bill of health but they were kind enough to offer me some sunglasses.

They are black and white, of course, and have "Run Geordie Run" etched into one of the lenses. They are very comfortable and lightweight at only 28 grams. They also come with a spare pair of ventilated lenses which may come in useful during the more humid parts of the run across Australia.

Much to my surprise, the sunglasses recently appeared on the front page of the Journal. Given that I'll be running across Australia during the Summer months I anticipate wearing them 99% of the time. I'll probably even wear them while running in the dark over the top of my head. I remember that I did this for comfort and a feeling of security, for want of a better word, during the run across the USA. It may sound strange but it's true. Just look at the photos on this blog of me during the final mile of the USA run and there they are, sitting comfortably on the top of my head.

Thanks again to The Big Optician who you will find at Stephen Street, Ouseburn, Newcastle upon Tyne. NE6 1JX. Please visit the Big Optician website here