Thursday, 8 August 2013

Flashback to day 100 in the USA - Seeing New York for the first time

Today is such a special day for me personally. I'm able to transport my mind back to the events of 2 years ago and all of the agony and ecstacy that went with it. When I think back to the final day, it is with such fondness of some incredibly tough times. 

The story continues to be retold on Twitter with the #runusa hashtag. Meanwhile this previously unpublished video shows my reaction of seeing the Manhattan skyline from a hill in New Jersey. It was taken at about the 30 mile point (the halfway point for the day).


The following image was my view of the Bronx in the distance. 

Please feel free to add your memories of that final day on Twitter using the #runusa hashtag. I'll retweet as many as I can.