Monday, 5 September 2011

A date for your diary!

I'm giving myself another month to conclude the feasibility study that I'm currently undertaking for the next big run. I'll be making an announcement on October 7th as to exactly where and when the next big run is going to take place. I will also know the approximate distance and start and end locations by then too.

Unlike all of the other runs that I've undertaken over the last 17 years, the next one will not be self funded. I will be seeking commercial sponsorship to pay for all of my expenses. I spent £15,000 to make sure the run across the USA happened. I've got no problem with that at all. The fact that, hopefully, £100,000 will be raised makes it all worthwhile. I just can't afford to do that again. I was always going to make the run across the USA the last big run. Given the amount of money raised for the 2 charities, however, there's no way I can consider retirement just yet. 

As I told the guests during my speech at the ball on Saturday, the next big run will be raising the bar in terms of difficulty and risk. If I was, for example, to run back to California from New York, I think the general public would find it difficult to buy into that. The next run has to leave people thinking, "he's never going to be able to do that". In fact, it has to be so difficult that I, myself, go into the training campaign for it with the same doubts. The next run has to be so much more difficult than the 3100 miles across the USA.

The announcement on October 7th is certain to attract a lot of media attention. If you would like further details about how you can get involved in sponsoring the next big run then please do not hesitate to get in touch (via email in the first instance) at