Sunday, 13 March 2011

CherryActive - A fantastic discovery!

I have been trying a different recovery drink this weekend following a tough hilly 32 mile run from Alston to Shotley Bridge (via Nenthead, Allenheads, Blanchland, Edmunbyers and Snods Edge). The drink in question, CherryActive, was recommended to me by the Department of Sport and Exercise at Northumbria University. They have been doing some research recently regarding the benefits that the product offers.

I was sent the product in concentrate form along with a CherryActive sports bottle, dispensing pump and extensive literature explaining the details of how the product benefits recovery and more.

I've ran over quite a few hills recently and I'm well accustomed to the muscle soreness the day after. As you can see from the elevation profile of yesterday's run to the left there were plenty of hills taken in. If there was ever to be a day where my legs were going to be sore, today was it. I've got to say though, that after drinking a 120ml serving of CherryActive with water soon after yesterday's tough run that today's muscle soreness was nowhere near where I expected it to be. And nowhere near where it has been lately after a run of this distance and type.

I'm going to reserve total judgement until I've ran 107 miles from Edinburgh to Newcastle this coming Friday to Sunday. Even if I reap 75% of the same benefits that I have today, then that run is going to be a lot easier. That is, if running 36, 39 and 32 miles in consecutive days can be deemed easy at all.

Now the science bit: "CherryActive products are made from 100% Montmorency cherries, carefully grown and processed to harness their powerful antioxidants and flavonoids.

Scientific research has demonstrated how consumption of these compounds can help support: healthy joints and muscles; restorative sleep patterns; normal uric acid levels and boost your body's natural defences against free radical damage.

CherryActive also have many athletes and sports professionals as customers, as the products support rapid muscle recovery and help them maintain strength after strenuous exercise."

As for the flavour of the product, I prefer it with the maximum recommended concentrate. i.e. 60ml per 946ml bottle. The taste is right up my street and very far removed from any other recovery drink I've tried. i.e. not as sickly and sweet. This is a major consideration for a product for me as I'm going to be using it for 100 days very soon.

The CherryActive website says "It can be mixed with water to make a delicious cherry juice, or added to other fruit juices, smoothies, natural yoghurts or sports recovery drinks". This is one to be explored as the possibilities for creating tasty CherryActive based recovery drink concoctions are endless!

Finally, thanks to my friends at CherryActive for supplying a sample of the product and for offering to give me further supplies for use during the run across the USA. Thanks also to Northumbria University for pointing me in the direction of this gem of a product.

For further info or to order the product please visit