Thursday, 12 August 2010

Run Geordie Run on the BBC.

I had the great pleasure of being interviewed yesterday, live on BBC Radio Newcastle by the lovely Sue Sweeney.

I've listened to Sue for years and it was a real thrill to finally meet her in person. A more bubbly and vivacious character you are never likely to meet!

I was really pleased with the interview and I was able to plug both charities, the Run Geordie Run t-shirts and give some details about the 3100 mile run itself.

I was also asked about the Great North Run which may be used in the up and coming promo pieces on BBC Newcastle.

It's a sign of my progress over the last couple of years that I took this interview in my stride without any sign of nerves at all. I've already got a lot of interviews lined up next year in the USA and being confident in them and being able to "sell" the run to the American public is very important indeed.

Many thanks to the BBC and Sue Sweeney in particular for letting me talk about the run live on air.

You can here the full audio (courtesy of John Iley) here.