Thursday, 26 August 2010

6 days after the last fund milestone...another fund milestone

Woah! No sooner do I report a fund milestone then another one comes along.

Last Friday the fund passed £14,000. Today the fund passed £15,000.

Thanks to everyone who has donated or bought a Run Geordie Run t-shirt this week. Don't forget that for every £10 t-shirt sold before midnight on 31st August, Digital Spark Ltd will donate a further £5. So that's £15 to charity for your £10 donation.

Over 600 Run Geordie Run t-shirts (as modelled by our intrepid hero to the right) have been sold so far. There are less than 100 left with no guarantee that any more will be made. In fact, if I don't find another t-shirt backer then there will be no more. So get them while you can folks!

Run Geordie Run t-shirts can be ordered here.