Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Fairly Truthful Story of Run Geordie Run

What was quite literally a daydream 4 weeks ago, became a reality this weekend with the Run Geordie Run comic strip appearing in a major local publication.

Local illustrator Gary Hogg has worked extremely hard and I was so pleased to see the final product in The Journal newspaper yesterday. 

The comic strip entitled "The Fairly Truthful Story of Run Geordie Run" will feature in The Journal every Monday over the coming few months. It is designed to inform, entertain and raise the profile of Run Geordie Run.

The comic strip is s a parody of Forest Gump with a huge dollop of stereotypical Geordie humour thrown in for good measure.

I'll be continuing to work with Gary on new storylines and gags and they will, from time to time, mirror what is happening in the real life world of Run Geordie Run. For example, I can exclusively reveal that our intrepid cartoon hero is about to have an unfortunate cycling accident in an up and coming episode. Oh and watch out for "Porsanal Trainer - Dave Recknon". Any similarity to real life Personal Trainer David Fairlamb may be co-incidental!

The Journal article with a link to the comic strip can be viewed here. Gary's website, which is well worth a visit, can be viewed here.

Thanks to Gary Hoog for his efforts so far. Thanks also to The Journal for their column inches and continued support.