Monday, 6 July 2009

Weigh in shocker!

At this evening's weigh in with Mark Fleming we were both shocked to find that my body fat is down to 19.6% with yet another increase in lean weight being seen! At last though, there was a change to the visceral fat rating (fat around major organs). This is now 7. It's been at 8 for months and months and was as high as 12 when I started training last year!

Now I've saved the best stat for last. My metabolic age is now down to a very pleasing 30! Yes, you read it right. THREE ZERO! Not bad considering it's a week away from my 38th birthday and this stat was 53 when I started training 35 weeks ago!

As always, there is still plenty of hard work to be done. My diet is still nowhere near where it needs to be and remains one of the few missing pieces in the USA 2011 jigsaw. But hey, let me just basque in the glory of this latest set of improved stats.