Tuesday, 21 July 2009

It's a start

I managed 14.5 miles yesterday over 2 sessions. Oh and there was a 90 minute gym session to get through with personal trainer Mark Fleming afterwards.

Breathing was very much an issue during the lunchtime 10.2 mile run around Gosforth and Wideopen. It was slightly better on the treadmill later on. I won't let this chest infection put me off though as I attempt to run 95 miles this week. That distance is a very tall order under the current circumstances but I must try and get as close as I can to it. If I fall short, I'll be suspending my "gym weeks" until I manage to get the USA 2011 training schedule back on track. It's all about running now. As in the past, I feel it'll be the quickest way of getting rid of this chest infection.