Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Sleeping in a tent at the side of the road! You are lucky, all I had was.......

I'd just like to put one rumour straight that's doing the rounds on Tyneside tonight!  I will not be sleeping in a tent on the roadside in order to save money to fund the USA 2011 tour!   I am of course referring to the otherwise rather brilliant article in today's Journal newspaper.  It can be read online here.

The article explains "Sleeping by roadside to save money - Mark Allison aims to raise £50,000 for St Benedict’s Hospice and the Children’s Foundation but will fund the trip from his own pocket and save all he can along the way.  That means sleeping in tents on the roadside and pocketing petrol money before he leaves.  He said: "I’ve been cycling to work and putting the petrol money away for the trip so I’m hoping that will earn me around £3,000 by the time the run comes round."".  CLASSIC!

So I can categorically state that, yes I have been putting away the saved petrol money and I am indeed saving furiously to fund the trip out of my own pocket.  But despite being in the middle of a credit crunch, things haven't got so bad yet that I need to sleep in a tent on the roadside to save money.

All joking aside, I thought the coverage given by the Journal today was superb.  Not only did I make all of page 3 (not topless ladies, calm down now!), but I also had a picture on the front page.  There also an online link to the story in the media section at the right of this page.

Pictured above is a tent who was unavailable for comment today!