Sunday, 21 September 2008

Food glorious (and healthy) food!

I've put as much effort into training this week, as I have eating healthy food!  At the time of writing, I've just had my 7th healthy tea cooked, of course, by Katy.  I have followed Mark and David's food guidelines very closely this week.  Gone are the takeaways, the flapjacks, the crisps and the bacon sandwiches.  Very much in is porridge for breakfast (sometimes with blueberries or sultanas for flavour), baked potatoes and freshly prepared salads and lean meat for lunch and lean meat and vegetables for tea followed by a nice fruit salad.  Mark and David have provided the inspiration and Katy has been a star, preparing and cooking it all.  Even Jack has got in on the act as we had to make a healthy eating poster as part of his homework for school.

I'm not saying it has been an easy week.  It has been difficult on 2 fronts.  Firstly, adjusting to life without saturated fat, processed convenience food and poor quality carbohydrates has seen me almost break out into a cold sweat at times (and this is just the first week!).  Secondly, finding the energy to do a 6 mile route up the hills of Jesmond Dene when I didn't have many carbs the previous day was difficult.  I've learned my lesson on that one the hard way!  

In terms of energy levels, that particular 6 mile run was the only lapse.  I actually managed to put in 10 hours of training last week with a mixture of gym work, running and spinning.  On no other occasion did I feel as week as I did in Jesmond Dene on Wednesday.

As David reminded me in a consultation on Friday, it won't always be as difficult as this.  The first priority is to lose weight and get rid of the nasty food habits.  Well I've definitely started on the right foot and will try my best to keep it going.  Next week, I'm aiming for more of the same food wise and will look to increase work in the gym, keeping the running at about 25 miles.  I've got a session with David in his gym on Monday.  I'll be learning some new techniques and new machinery which I'll be able to take away and use in the many hours I seem to be spending in the Northern Rock gym.  If all goes to plan, then I'll be able to start the proper training in November at a reasonable weight.  Now pass me another apple!