Thursday, 13 March 2008

Rab hoping to join 2011 support team.

Despite the USA 2011 run being 3 years away, Rab C (aka Owen McMahon) is looking into the logistics of being part of the support team again. 

Flight prices, school holidays, the best states for cider and "shopping" are just some of the factors he is taking into account in the hope that he can once again be part of the motley crew that is my support team.

Regular readers will remember this photo of Rab from last year's big run.  It was taken on the outskirts of Bristol while he was looking for a 21st wedding anniversary present for his missus, while waiting for me to finish a leg of the run.   Some boy!  

Seriously though, it'll be great to add another experienced head to the support team, alongside Burnley Keith.  Watch this space for further developments.