Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The gloves are on!

In order to keep things interesting I'm always on the lookout to vary my training.  I've tried spinning classes recently with great success and enjoyment.  Today I tried Boxercise!  

Two of the lads at work, Paul (aka Bowmonkey) and Simon roped me into the lunch time session.  An enjoyable 45 minute workout was had by all.  Although I have to say that it was very strenous indeed.  I used muscles that were last used fighting the bullies in the school playground way back in the 1980s! Ok then the 1970's!!   I could hardly move my upper body this afternoon.  Typing this blog is a bit of an effort!  

We didn't rest after Boxing as, afterwards, Simon was seen doing a few chin ups.  Bowmonkey and myself did a few weights.  All we needed was Rocky's trainer Mickey shouting "Yer a dirty good for nuthin bum!" and we would have re-created Rocky's 1 - 3!!!!  Don't expect any shots at the title this century though!