Saturday, 31 August 2013

A kind donation from The Castaways Tea Shop

I haven't had a cup of tea or coffee so far in 2013 but, for some reason this morning, I really felt the need for one from a good old traditional Tea Shop. Just in time for elevenses, I found myself in Seaton Sluice at the Castaways Tea Shop

While I was thoroughly enjoying my tea out of an old fashioned china cup and a rather delicious tea cake, my Run Geordie Run t-shirt caught the eye of John the owner of the establishment (pictured below). We got talking about the Benfield Run Across Australia. It wasn't until I mentioned that I'd previously ran across the USA that John said "Ah!, I've heard about you from Real Radio". Apparently, having to be early risers to get the Tea Shop up and running is the perfect opportunity to tune in to the Gary and Lisa Breakfast Show.  

Just as I was finishing off my teacake, John handed over a very kind donation for the 2 charities and his wife Leigh joined in the conversation. It is random acts of kindness such as this that really restores my faith in humanity. Thank you to John and Leigh for their very kind donation to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation and The Children's Foundation.

Finally, I hope to be back in January after the run to try one (or more) of those deliciously looking home made cakes (pictured in the cabinet above). If you would like to try one for yourself then here is a link to the Castaways Tea Shop website with all the directions you'll need.