Monday, 14 March 2011

Thank you to Bishop Ian Ramsey School

I've had a few requests from schools in the region recently asking how they can help to raise funds for the charities supported by Run Geordie Run. It's very nice to think that young people in the region are inspired by the run across the USA and are willing to do what they can to help.

The very first school to put words into action is Bishop Ian Ramsey School in Medomsley, County Durham. The very kind teachers and children at the school have kindly pledged their support to Run Geordie Run and the 2 charities.

Headmaster, Mr Boyle, was taken aback when he found out about my little run across the USA and had little hesitation in asking the children to help raise funds for St Benedict's Hospice and The Children's Foundation.

I heard today that the first event they have planned is a non uniform day on the 18th March. The children will pay £1 for the privilege of dressing in their "home clothes". Brilliant! That will be followed up with a Cookie and Bun sale on the 1st April. Finally, an easter egg raffle will be held, bringing the school's fundraising effort to a close just before I set off across the USA.

Thanks, in advance, go to the children, teachers and parents for their fundraising efforts. They are very much appreciated by me and, of course, the 2 charities.

If your school would like to follow the example set by Bishop Ian Ramsey school and help raise funds for Run Geordie Run's 2 chosen charities, then please get in touch at