Monday, 7 March 2011

Product Review - Kontrol Sports "Gelshock Yellow Lens Sunglasses"

A few months ago I was asked by Kontrol Sports if I would like to try their sunglasses while running. I’m always keen to try out new kit so I jumped at the chance. The only downside, or so I thought at the time, was the fact that it was the middle of Winter. What possible benefit could I get from wearing sunglasses at this time of year?

The sunglasses arrived in a sturdy protective case with a cleaning cloth. There are many models to choose from and the ones I tried out were the “Gelshock Yellow” model. This particular model is designed for overcast, hazy or foggy conditions. Just as well really, as the morning I chose to try them out on was particularly overcast. I set off on the 10 mile off road route with the sunglasses on.

First impressions were good. The sunglasses were very light and extremely comfortable. It was at this point that I realised that wearing sunglasses on an overcast day in the middle of winter wasn’t such a bad idea after all. In laypersons terms, I can only describe the lenses as having the capability of brining the dimly lit scenery, in which I was running, very much to life.

The Kontrol Sports website describes what the sunglasses do as “Improves contrast, reduces glare, and preserves sharpness..”. I can’t disagree with that and I will certainly be using this particualr model where similar conditions dictate the need.

In summary, the Kontrol Sports Gelshock Yellow Sunglasses ticked all the boxes for me providing excellent visibility and comfort. They are also reasonably priced too.

Oh, I almost forgot, as a final test and out of curiousity, I tried the sunglasses while driving at night. All I can say is that if the sunglasses performed well when I was running, they were outstanding at night while driving. Once again, bringing my line of sight to life with excellent sharpness and clarity.

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