Monday, 28 March 2011

How I see the USA run in my mind's eye.

I was reading through publisher, Tonto Books 2011 catalogue today and it was quite interesting to read the synopsis of my up and coming book.

"May 2011 was the beginning of a phenomenal journey for Mark ‘Run Geordie Run’ Allison, as he geared up for the greatest challenge of his life ... a 3,100 mile run across America in a bid to raise money for two worthy causes.

Run For Home: The Geordie Who Ran Across America follows Mark as he started in Los Angeles and clocked up 31 miles a day, finishing in New York city 100 days later.

This book is the story behind his motivation and determination. He lost both of his parents to cancer and has worked tirelessly since to raise money for St Benedict’s, the hospice that cared for his mother during her final days.

Mark takes you on the journey with him every step of the way on all the ups, downs, obstacles, adventures he encounters, characters he meets, the pain, the heartache and the elation as he, quite literally, runs for home and boldly goes where no other Geordie has gone before."

This is the first time that I've seen anything in black and white regarding the run in the past tense. I say "seen" as I am constantly thinking about such details in my mind's eye.

The key words in that synopsis that I truly believe are going to some the run up are "ups", "downs", "obstacles", "adventures", "pain", "heartache" and "elation".

If you look carefully at the draft book cover you will see that it has a testimonial from none other than Mark Beaumont. It says "A brilliant but gruelling journey only made possible by sheer tenacity". My immense admiration and respect for Mark Beaumont and his adventures is no secret. To have him provide the cover quote for the book is a very proud thing for me indeed.