Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Sole Comfort!

For the last 2 weeks, when I haven't been wearing the temporary "Moon Boot" prescribed by the Surgeon, I've been wearing "Sports Slips" by Sole.

They were among a parcel of goodies sent to me to try out and I've been waiting to give them a good field test before publishing my thoughts on this blog.

My immediate thought was how well they fitted my feet. It was quite a novelty to be able to wear matching footwear after so many weeks of wearing a cast on one leg! Luxury! It's amazing what you take for granted!

Once on, I was able to walk around in great comfort using my crutches. The section around the arch and heel were particularly well moulded to my feet. I was previously warned not to wear sandals or flip flops when I had the cast taken off. The Sports Slips, however, showed no sign of slipping off thanks to a perfectly balanced section that stretches over the top of the foot. 

More recently, I've been able to walk around without the aid of crutches and put them to a full test. Still very comfortable!

One of the recommended uses of the Sports Slips is "post-run recovery".  I can see these being of great benefit when I start running the big miles again and indeed when I run across the USA next year.

Once I've tried the custom insole and performance socks that I was also sent I'll post an additional review. I'm waiting for the swelling on my right foot to die down before buying a new pair of work shoes for the insoles.

In the meantime, the Sole Sports Slips get a big thumbs up from Run Geordie Run. If I had found something to criticise, I would have done. So I'm more than happy to recommend them. They also do a women's version and lots of colour combinations.

Thanks go to Sole for sending me some of their products to try out.

Further product information is available on Sole's website here.