Saturday, 25 July 2009

Not a bad end to the week.

It's been a tough week, having to run with a chest infection. I've got nowhere near the intended 90 miles which means that I'll be having another shot at that target over the next 7 days starting tomorrow. I'm still quite pleased with 56 miles though. Not a bad effort at all under the circumstances.

Yesterday's run, at least, brought a bit of respectability to this week's training. Accompanied by colleague Mark Cass, the route took us from Gosforth, through Hazelrigg, Brunswick, Wideopen and Longbenton. We also added the short, winding climb to the summit of the hill in Wheatslade Country Park. It's quite a view from up there! Mark and I went our separate ways at the 12.4 mile point and he headed home along the Coast Road. I made it back to Gosforth via Jesmond Dene in 02:31:59. This was a good 40 minutes quicker for a similar distance on Tuesday. Yesterday's route can be viewed by clicking here.

I'm having a rest day today before having a go at a hilly 11 mile route tomorrow.