Sunday, 3 August 2008

Getting off to a flyer!

After having spent the last couple of weeks studying the route across the USA I've now got a much better idea as to the size and scale of this task.  As if I needed it!

Make no mistake, the distance is massive!  It's absolutely massive!  I've felt for the last couple of weeks that the key to success will be to get in a long sustained period of high mileage in training.  

The aim has been to be able to run 110 miles a week from July 2009.  I don't wish to change that too much.  What I do wish to change, though, is the build up to that mileage and the recovery around it. 

The initial plan was to hit the ground running with 50 miles a week from January 2009 and add on a few miles per week until July 2009.  I now intend to bring this forward a couple of months and start my training proper in November 2008.  Once I get up to 110 a week in July, it'll be a case of 3 weeks of doing that followed by a "recovery" week of 70-80 miles.  I'll be adding to that lot the usual mixture of Spinning classes, weights and cycling.  I'll be pushing myself to the limit but it will be worth it by the time I set off from California in May 2011.