Thursday 30 May 2024

USA 2025 Kit Sponsorship Available

The 3150 mile coast to coast run across the USA from Coney Island, New York to Huntington Beach, California is just 11 months from getting underway. It will take an unprecedented level of effort (and good luck) to get across the continent in just 100 days. 

With a fundraising target of at least £60,000 for St. Benedict's Hospice (Charity No. 1019410) an event of this magnitude requires a huge amount of kind support.

The long term partnership with Chapman Ventilation saw them confirmed as main kit sponsors last year. I'm also very grateful to cable management firm D-Line for their backing as sleeve sponsor.

There are still prime spots up for grabs on my USA 2025 running kit. 

What parts of USA 2025 running kit are available for sponsorship? 

There are two spaces available for sponsor's logos on the front of my shirt and a one on the back. 

To accommodate different budgets, kit sponsorship is available in blocks of 10 days. The run across the USA will take 100 days to complete, therefore there are 10 blocks available in total. It is entirely possible for any individual company to take as many blocks as required. If a company wanted their logo on the back of my running kit for 20 days, for example, that would cost £2000. 

Can you tell me more about where the Run Geordie Run shirt and sponsors logos will be seen?

Run Geordie Run has a presence on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, Threads, TikTok and YouTube. The real jewel in the crown, is arguably this award winning blog at All channels will be used to very good effect, providing the audience with many accessible ways to follow the run across the USA on a daily basis.

Cutting edge technology such as an autonomous drone and 360 degree camera will be used to capture and produce daily content while running across the USA. The event will see a far greater use of the Run Geordie Run YouTube channel than ever before.  The daily update on Youtube is expected to bring the run to life and aims to become “essential viewing” for the 100 days and 3150 miles that the run spans. There will be a shorter "bite size" daily update across the other channels.

The media's insatiable appetite for extraordinary achievements has always helped to bring Run Geordie Run to the attention of a worldwide audience. This next transcontinental effort provides an exciting opportunity to raise the profile even further through online channels as well as mainstream TV and radio home and abroad.

Where else will sponsors be able to integrate their brand?
In addition to the social media channels mentioned previously, sponsors will have their logo included in the thousands of tri-fold leaflets that will be handed out before, during and after the USA run. These have always served as an important part of the fundraising toolkit. 

Sponsors logos will be included in the weekly "insider" email that gets sent to sponsors, support team and key supporters. There will also be numerous opportunities to incorporate sponsor's logos in engaging content right across the Run Geordie Run social media "estate".  

What is the next step to becoming a Run Geordie Run USA 2025 kit sponsor? 

Running 3150 miles across the USA in just 100 days will be a relentlessly demanding endeavour. Endless stretches of open road, varying terrains, unpredictable weather conditions, and the sheer magnitude of the distance will all conspire to test the limits of physical and mental endurance. 

While this may seem like a solo journey, it will require the kind support of so many to succeed. It’s really just as important as a pair of running shoes in ensuring running 3150 miles across the USA is a success.

If you are interested in becoming a Run Geordie Run kit sponsor then please get in touch via email at in the first instance.