Thursday 17 August 2023

Top of the league (for now)

It’s almost as pointless as the first league table of the season (which Newcastle are top of incidentally) but I’m very pleased with the 4.5 pounds of weight lost this week. 

I’ve been at David Fairlamb Fitness at 0600 every morning so far as well as evening sessions. I won’t lie. It’s been tough. I’ve been under instructions from Dave to lessen the usual intensity levels. That has seen me able to train at the upper end of my fat burning zone. I’ve also noticed that I’m making a lot less noise in the gym. It’s still very tough though. 

After an 0600 session with Mark Fleming yesterday morning, I had a Versaclimber UK class with Dave at 1730. The outdoor bootcamp with Craig that followed immediately was just a case of getting through as best I could. If it was a boxing match then the referee would have stopped the fight. I’m pleased that I have a morning off today. 

I’ll have a double session with Dave at 1730 tonight though. It’s a good job that I’ve always enjoyed my sessions in the gym as they are coming thick and fast at the moment. In my mind, that hard work will probably account for 20% of my success. The other 80% is all down to food. I’m getting really good advice from Dave on that with fish, lean meat, certain vegetables and salad items the order of the day. I’m only 4 days in to eating like this but I can already feel a huge difference. One I expected, as I’ve eaten like this before. It’s like a fog has lifted. I don’t feel bloated at all, feel far less lethargic and have more energy going in to sessions. 

I should give a special mention to my sponsor Active Edge who for the 12th year running are supplying the miracle juice that is Cherry Active. I dilute a 30ml sachet in water after every gym session. I shouldn’t be surprised by now but to have zero aches and pains after such a busy workload is quite incredible. I make no apology for sounding like an evangelical salesman (I’m not on commission by the way). It’s such an amazing product. Long time followers will recall that I first used it during the run across the USA in 2011. 

So there’s some positive thoughts for this Thursday morning. Like that early league table, you’re only as good as your next result so I’ll be giving my best efforts in the gym and also from a nutrition point of view. I’m not thinking about the target weight and body fat that I want by the end of next spring. My sights are set firmly on the next meal and the next gym session. If I keep this up then targets and goals will take care of themselves.