Thursday, 26 August 2021

Fully committed

I wrote two weeks ago that “I’m fully committed to each and every session ….. I never leave anything in the gym. The tanks are always emptied.” after yet another tough session at David Fairlamb Fitness. They aren’t just words. Those sentiments are being seen in action time and time again in Dave’s gym. Tonight’s double session was no exception. 

I gave as much as I could during the first session. Yet again though the effort levels were slightly below average. Only slightly mind. I use heart rate to measure this by the way. Of course, some weeks aren’t as cardio intensive as others so it’s just a rough guide. The second session is always a carbon copy of the first so that’s when a good comparison can be made. And surprise, the exertion in the second session was way above average. And boy did it feel like it. I had to take myself to places I don’t often have to go in my mind. I was on my limit on many occasions during that second session tonight. 

As tough as it was, I was absolutely loving every second of it. I simply had to use every syllable of Dave’s cues and words of encouragement to my advantage. Dave was the proverbial 12th man! I really wish I’d had the chance to get a photo but, yeah, that’s not happening in a session like that. This isn’t Instagram! Instead, I’ll leave you with a picture of a puppy stolen from Google. 

The image below is the comparison between tonight’s two identical sessions. 

So, once again, I left Dave’s gym feeling like an absolute world beater. I always say that there is a long way to go in this journey. I’ll be speaking more about the next steps soon. I have an exciting plan for 2022. For now, there continues to be an upward trajectory of strength, conditioning, fitness but, most importantly of all, enjoyment.