Thursday 20 May 2021

A turning point

I’ve had some tough sessions in my time but tonight’s 3 hour triple header at David Fairlamb Fitness was up there with the best of them. Very pleasingly, focus on effort and technique was in abundance throughout. I’ve been saying recently that there’s no point in turning up to these sessions, coasting through the first one and then finishing strong. I’m after a consistent level of effort throughout. In fact, I try and treat each part of the circuit as if it’s the last of the day. That said, I hit some personal best levels of wattage during the final hour tonight. I’ve never seen 500 on the rower before for example. 

I was absolutely in the zone during that final session. I simply had to be, in order to get through it. With great direction and encouragement from Dave I actually felt that Run Geordie Run was back in the room tonight. 

The MyZone stats (pictured below) show a good level of consistency and a very strong finish. The sessions were a mixture of cardio and weights which explains the up and down nature of my heart rate.

Digging deep during the final half an hour saw me get quite emotional. Thankfully the tears were disguised by a bucket load of sweat pouring down my face. 

Yes, tonight was a very vigorous workout. What I will mostly take from it though is confidence. Tonight felt like a real significant session. The timing is perfect as my preparation for Stage X steps up a notch next week. I’m also very mindful (and grateful) of the great work done by physio Mark at Taylored-fit Physio to get me training pain free. 

I was straight on the Cherry Active (thanks Active Edge) when I got home. I’m back in the gym tomorrow at 0715 followed by a crack at Mont Ventoux on Zwift. 

So that’s 7 sessions in the gym this week so far. Beach Bootcamp will round the week off on Saturday and I’ve got a rest day on Sunday. 

I’ve got a huge workload to get through next week. The daily routine aims to get close to a typical day during the run across the USA. So with that in mind, expect plenty of miles together with tactical snoozes. I also hear that one of support man Carlton’s omelettes might be back on the menu! Confidence is high. Support and encouragement is excellent. I’m injury free. A good foundation has been built. I’ve got everything going for me. Just as well, as the next big run starts in a little over 50 days time.

As I close tonight, my thoughts are with Lisa Shaw who is currently very poorly and her family. Lisa is one of life's special people who I've been very lucky to have had huge support from over the years.