Monday, 14 October 2019

#runsub17 - Week 9

The #runsub17 series of blogs is brought to you with the kind support of D-Line Cable Management.

After last week's talk of increasing the mileage and also using my new bike, this week was a bit of a disaster. I ran a couple of comfortable miles to the bike shop on Tuesday and that was the end of the running for the week. More on that later! I then managed to cycle 14 miles home from the shop through the rush hour traffic in 68 minutes. 

Given my history with bikes and broken bones, I was quite nervous when I got on the saddle. To my surprise, those nerves soon went when I was in the traffic. It didn't feel that different to running with Chappie through a bustling city centre or on the long busy roads of Serbia, Romania and Ukraine. 

After 12 miles, I dropped down the bank near Plessey Woods. I had always anticipated pushing the bike up the climb on the other side but, again to my surprise, I managed to reach the top no problem. I think this had more to do with the quality of the bike rather than my current fitness level. 

As I said before, that's where the running/cycling stopped for the week as I woke up the next morning full of cold. Disappointing. I'm usually quick to shake off a cold so I expect normal service to be resumed in week 10.