Monday, 3 November 2014

A very generous donation

I got a nice surprise tonight when 2 people I train with at David Fairlamb's gym, Neil and Karen, offered a very kind donation for the run Around The World. This was no ordinary donation as it was 10p per mile! That's 10p for each of the 20,000 miles of the run Around The World. That is very generous of them and words just can't express my gratitude. Neil and Karen are pictured below handing over the 1st 10p to me.

Since the announcement of the run Around The World, the last 12 days have proven to me that there are still a lot of generous people out there. The t-shirts have sold out. There are just a small number of hoodies left and the fund has now burst through the £5,000 barrier for the European segment. The overall total is inching nicely towards a key milestone of £220,000. What a great start to this fundraising campaign. Thank you to everyone who has made this happen.