Saturday, 4 October 2014

Give us a clue!

It is no exaggeration to say that hardly an hour of my waking life goes by without someone asking me   what the location of the next run is. There have been many guesses and some people have been close to the exact location recently.

The announcement of the location of the 2016 run in aid of The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation and The Children's Foundation will be made during the week commencing the 13th of October. I visited a venue in Newcastle this week and I'm hoping to get the go-ahead next week to use it to announce the details of the 2016 run. The media, my sponsors, the charities and various key people will be present at the event. Inevitably, the exact details of the announcement will hit the internet, TV and papers soon thereafter. It's a very exciting time indeed.

For a bit of fun and to help the countdown to the announcement go a little quicker I've started putting picture based clues on the Run Geordie Run Facebook page. A new image will appear every day at 8pm. A guess can be left in the comments section of any daily image. Now here's the good news - A correct guess will be rewarded with a brand new Run Geordie Run 2016 t-shirt. If, in the unlikely event of a tie, a winner will be drawn at random by a representative of the 2 charities. Here's what you need to do to be eligible for entering the competition:
  • Leave your guess in the comments section of the daily picture clue.
  • LIKE and SHARE that day's daily picture clue.
  • You are allowed only 1 guess per daily picture clue.
  • You must LIKE the Run Geordie Run Facebook Page when the competition closes at 8pm on the 16th of October.
So a few simple rules should see one clever winner with the new Run Geordie Run 2016 t-shirt. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Run Geordie Run Facebook Page and have a go.