Thursday, 2 January 2014

Days 75 - 77

Mark spent the next 3 days relaxing in Sydney.  The blisters on his feet had healed well and dressings were no longer needed.  The main damage to Mark's feet is numbness, this is about 60 - 70% meaning that Mark has had to tread very carefully especially when on uneven ground.  There are no messages/signals sent to Mark's brain to acknowledge any danger to his feet.  This is something which will hopefully return once Mark has finished the run and had time to properly rest.

As ever the donations continued even when the run was paused.  New Year's Eve saw the fund burst through the £40,000 barrier - a great way to see in 2014!

We watched an amazing firework show overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, but had to cut the evening short for an early start and drive to Yass. 

"Happy New Year and thanks so much for the support in 2013."