Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Journal

There is a really good article about the run across Australia in today's Journal. It's mainly a piece catching up on things since the run across the USA and a reminder that the next big run is just 123 days away!

The front page below has me proudly showing off the custom made Oakley sunglasses that were kindly donated by The Big Optician in Byker. The article inside spans 3 pages with some really nice photos of me running and a one with my mentor David Fairlamb.

I've always enjoyed excellent coverage in The Journal. In fact, I think this is the 5th time that I've appeared on the front page with countless other articles about my running over the years. They have once again pledged their support, so please look out for more coverage in The Journal, not only up to but during the run across Australia.

Finally, is it wrong that I'm proud of the fact the The Journal described me as a Bacon Sandwich Fan?