Monday, 30 April 2012

A year ago to the day…...

It's a cliche but it's really hard to believe just how fast time flies. It is, in fact, 1 year since I started running across the USA from Ruby's Cafe at Huntington Beach. Where on earth has the time gone?

Over the next 100 days I intend to recall each corresponding day from the run across the USA. I'll be uploading photos that were never published together with footage on YouTube that has never been seen and audio on Youtube that was never heard. It will all end on August 8th where I'll be reliving those final glorious moments in Coney Island and piecing together how the media in the UK saw things alongside my own viewpoint. 

If you missed out on the run in 2011 please stick around to find out what it was all about and how I successfully managed to run across the USA in 100 days. If you happened to follow the run last year then I hope to bring a completely different angle to proceedings. Without sounding too much like a tabloid newspaper, I'll be pulling no punches to bring you the inside story. 

For many reasons, there were certain things that I could not write about while in the USA. Now that I'm at a safe distance I intend to leave no stone unturned. I'm sure that it will be controversial. I'm sure that it will offend a few people. The story that will unfold over the next 100 days will recount all of the good times, the bad times, the tough times, the painful times as well as the glorious times.

Please do feel free to get in touch with any questions at I'll do my best to answer all of your questions and publish as many as I can on my blog.

In the meantime, please sit back and enjoy the story of 1 Geordie's journey across the USA.