Monday, 7 February 2011

Read all aboot it.

I'm very pleased to announce that not long after I finish the run across the USA  a book will be published entitled "Run For Home".

The book, published by Tonto Books, will be my account of not only the coast to coast run across the USA but the events of my life that have influenced my decision to undertake such a huge run.

Industry website, recently reported "Tonto Books has acquired a non-fiction title which will chart a charity runner's journey across America.

World rights were acquired directly from the writer Mark Allison by publisher Stu Wheatman.

The book, provisionally entitled Run For Home, follows self-professed "overweight, pie-loving, football-mad Geordie" Alison as he attempts to run from California to New York, aiming to complete the journey in 100 days. He will run an average of 31 miles a day and is aiming to raise £50,000, to be divided between St Benedict's Hospice and The Children's Foundation.

Wheatman said: "Mark is a true one-off. So far, he has covered hundreds of miles raising money for charity. . .

"We're going to be writing the book as he runs, sending it to print and aim to launch it as he completes the 3,100 miles in New York. It's a long shot, but it might just work."". 

I'm really looking forward to working on the book. To have a permanent reminder of all that went on during the run across the USA is going to be brilliant for me personally. "Something to show the Grandchildren" as they say.