Monday 21 April 2008

Dreaming Miss Daisy!

In the Summer of 2005, I would often wake up in a cold sweat during the night having dreamt of running the length of the UK from John O'Groats to Lands End. Admittedly, the route was often lined with bikini clad babes but the point is that I started to subconsciously plan and prepare for the biggest challenge of my life.

3 years on and a similar thing has started to happen.  I've started to dream about running the 3100 miles from the west coast to the east coast of the USA (30 miles per day with a rest day after every 14!!!  The dreams are quite vivid!!  No sign of any American totty just yet mind!).  

At the time of writing I reckon there is about a 5% chance of success.  So many things have to be in place, so many things have to be in my favour.  I am determined to give it my best shot though.  It would be great to hand over one last sizeable cheque to St Benedict's Hospice (and whatever other charity is chosen) in 2011.    

In the meantime, I'm continuing to run and run as much as I can.  I'll be building up the miles over the coming months, especially in the North Pennines.  Also, while I still have a job there, I'll be continuing to enjoy the classes in the Northern Rock gym (Spinning, Boxercise and maybe one day Body Pump (whatever that is!)).  I've been doing 5 or 6 classes a week for the last 7 weeks.  After so many lonely miles on the road, it's refreshing to take part in a class with other people.

I must say that the instructors are very good too (Andy, Paul, Matt, Steve and Tracy).  I could do with one or two of them in the USA in 2011!

Meanwhile, I do hope those dreams of running such a distance continue for sometime yet.  And if a few Daisy Duke lookalikes want to make an appearance then that would be just fine.